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The U.S. Constitution: Restated, Related and most definitely being Violated!

3rd Edition (2023) is available (click LR! Shop button above).

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This is a 4 page consolidation of all the U.S. Constitution interpretations contained in Liberty Rules! 3rd Edition.

Liberty Rules! 2nd Edition, was available in its full glory for FREE download from its release on Constitution Day September 17, 2020 until June 7, 2023.
You snooze, you lose.
Anyone in possession of a downloaded copy is henceforth prohibitied from sharing or printing it.

The latest and greatest!

Liberty Rules! 3rd Edition, was released April 7, 2023 and is available thru direct sales only in 8 1/2" X 11" hardcover and softcover. They are printed to the highest quality right here in the good old USA.

In the "Greetings", the following was added which best sums up the 2nd vs. 3rd Edition content:

"In this post Pandemic-Peak and Roe vs. Wade overturn update, I’ve unraveled a few key ground breaking subtleties in a few interpretations. I’ve boldly challenged what I see going on with candid commentary likely to piss many people off. Especially those fully committed to hardline political party platforms. However, those observations and thoughts remain clearly separated from the interpretations. Channeling my inner JFK...

My fellow Americans, I ask, not, what I can do to change your mind, but what you can do to open your mind?"

General Overview:

Liberty Rules! is the U.S. Constitution restated in today's plain language. Within it, the contraditictions of today's practices compared to my interpretations are exposed. Quotes from though the ages or quips, by yours truly, are also provided with each clause and amendment to keep it kind of interesting. Finally, the original U.S. Constitution text is provided throughout for reference and fact checking convenience.

Contents Brief:

1. Greeting, Organization with Keywords and Orientation (20 pages)
2. The Liberty Rules (88 pages)
3. The Liberty Rules Amendments (40 pages)
4. Timelines & Election Reference Matrix (3 pages)
5a. Commentary - 3 Proposed Liberty Rules Amendments (12 pages)
5a1. Address Polarized Politics and Dead Wood with Congress Term Limits (Best path likely via Convention of States)
5a2. Address Judges Politization with Unanimous Supreme Court Decisions (Best path likely via Senate)
5a3. Restore Election Integrity & Confidence with Election Day Restoration and Comprehensive Voting Harmonization (Best path likely via House of Representatives)
5b. Commentary - Letting it all hang out (48 pages)
5b1. Prohibited Powers Abuse Re-Cap
5b2. Presidential Overreach
5b3. Applied Logic Example - The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Dilemma
5b4. Food for Thought
5b5. Conclusion
5b6. Final Thought

FORWARDING & PRINTING OK: Please feel free to forward the Liberty Rules! To Go via email or print from 6/7/2023 for the foreseeable future.

The Bill of Rights 3rd Edition is planned to always be available for free download which has a different introduction that you may want to check out. Within this excerpt, Liberty Rules Amendment #9 and Huh? # 22 posted with it provide a really great example of the depth and breadth of the revelations, realizations and analysis that have been incorporated into the 3rd Edition.

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